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Tel: 0330 332 6000 (In UK)

Email: service@a-translation.com


Quality, Speed and Low Cost

What sets our translation above the rest is our QUALITY !

How do we do this?

First of all we only use PROFESSIONAL translators and that means people from the industry – engineers, chemists, scientists and technicians - and people from the professions – lawyers, medical experts, accountants, IT programmers, finance experts - people who really know the business.

They can work fast, because they know the vocabulary in both languages. They translate only into their native languages.


Our translators can work fast, because they know the vocabulary in both languages - they have spent years working in that field - both at home and in a foreign country.  They don't have to look up words in dictionaries

They know how things work. The advantage to you is that you get your translation quicker. Time costs money in translation, just as in other service industries., so the lower cost is also passed on to you, the customer.

Our customers often comment on our quick reaction time - we have worked on our procedures so as to be able to produce high quality work in the shortest possible time. Quick service is our watchword but with A-Translation, a quick translation also means a high quality translation.

Low Cost

There are two reasons for our prices being lower than other translation agencies: The first is that a good translator is much quicker in his or her work than a person new to the profession, because he or she knows the vocabulary. The saving in cost is passed on to you, the customer.


We have been producing translations since 1989 and the sum of all those years of experience is still forming a very sound basis for our work today.

We can produce not only French to English translation, Spanish translation, German translation, Italian translation - but also almost any other language in Western Europe. We have added a new section for the languages of Eastern Europe, which are becoming increasingly necessary as those countries develop their manufacturing and service industries.

Then there are the languages of the Middle East and of course those of the BRIC countries: Brazil, Russia, India and China which are becoming so important in this 21st century. 

We have an office in Hong Kong, covering the Far East (www.hongkong-translation.com). Our professional translation services are well known to our customers around the world.

Read on for more details of A-Translation's technical translation experience, then contact us . You’ll find our prices are very attractive too.

Give us a call on 0330 332 6000 (In UK) or (0)1869 240 560 from other countries.

Email: service@oxtran.com

Some of our languages:

A-Translation can provide most of the languages of the world, including Afghan , Albanian , Amharic , Arabic , Armenian , Azerbaijani , Azeri , Belorussian , Bengali , Bulgarian , Burmese ,  Catalan , Chinese  (both simplified and traditional), Cutchi , Czech , Danish , Dutch , Estonian , Farsi (Persian) , Finnish , Flemish , French , Georgian , German , Greek ,  Gujurati , Hebrew , Hindi , Hungarian , Ilicano , Indonesian , Iranian , Italian , Japanese , Kazakh , Korean , Kurdish , Kutchi , Latvian , Lithuanian , Macedonian , Malay , Maltese , Nepalese , Norwegian , Pashtoo , Polish , Portuguese  (both European and Brazilian), Punjabi , Pushto , Pushtu , Rumanian , Russian , Serbian , Croatian , Slovak , Slovene , Spanish  (South American and European), Swedish , Tagalog , Tamil , Thai , Turkish , Ukrainian , Urdu , Vietnamese , Welsh  and Yoruba .

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